April Fools Day Practical Jokes From a WaterTech Mom

april fools day practical jokes

Tonight I will be staying up late—working on devious little ways to surprise and trick my family for April Fool’s Day tomorrow. We’re big fans of April Fool’s Day. Fortunately for me, my children don’t usually remember the holiday until they’ve been spoofed! Then they try very hard to pull of mischievous pranks the rest of the day. 

Water Related Practical Jokes

As part of the WaterTech team, I of course love WATER—and many of my pranks involve water. Such as the partially opened bathroom door with a paper cup full of water jimmied on top of the door to fall on the first person to enter. And there’s the tried and true rubber-banded water sprayer at the kitchen sink prank that someone successfully pulls of each year.

We love April Fool’s Day so much that when my kids sit around and reminisce, April Fool’s Day memories almost rank higher than Christmas day recollections.

Mealtime Pranks

Pranking my family at mealtime is at the top of my list. My kids still laugh about the time I scraped the white filling out of the Oreos in their lunchboxes and replaced the filling with white toothpaste. One of my sons didn’t even notice something was strange about the cookies (he gobbled them down thinking they were “Mint Oreos!”).

Or the time I carefully opened their Cheetos bags, replaced Cheetos with baby carrots and sealed back up the lunch treat. On another April Fool’s Day I put dinner in front of my family–what appeared to be meatloaf and mashed potatoes. They quickly discovered their meal was actually a chocolate rice crispy square cut to look like my meatloaf and vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup replaced the potatoes and gravy.

April Fools Day Gone Wrong

Some pranks have occurred out of earshot of mom. My teenager recently confided in me that one April Fool’s Day he was very upset because his older brother (taking high school chemistry at the time) told him he had just drunk dihydrogen monoxide and that everyone who drinks it would die. (Yes, all water drinkers will die eventually).

So if your family has a sense of humor and you’re looking for a fun way to laugh with your brood tomorrow, get creative or do a quick internet search where you’ll find many more fun April Fool’s Day prank ideas. Good luck!

Hard Water Issues Are No Practical Joke

Hard water lurking in your water can wreak havoc on the appliances and plumbing in your home. If you think you may have hard water in your area–or if you’re not sure–learn more about the levels of hard water across the United States in our Hard Water Guide.

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