Back to School 101: WATER – An Important Factor for Student Success


As I waved good-bye to my children on the first day of school, I gave a big sigh. Life had been busy the past couple of weeks as we tried to get every last bit of fun in before summer vacation ended.

Since we’ve been out of the school-day routine for a few months, I began to make a mental checklist to make sure I had remembered everything.

Backpack filled with new school supplies? Check.
Lunches packed? Check.
First-day of school photographs taken on the front porch? Check.

Wait– What about the water bottle? In the rush of the morning, I had forgotten to tuck water bottles into their backpacks.

Although there are drinking fountains at school, many teachers allow and even encourage students to keep a water bottle on their desk –and for good reason.

Drinking Water Improves Brain Function

Having a water bottle within reach encourages students to drink more water. Research indicates that students remember more and stay focused longer when they are hydrated. In fact, studies have found that that drinking water can improve brain function by 15 percent.

Our brains depend on proper hydration to function optimally….Years of research have found that when we’re parched, we have more difficulty keeping our attention focused. Dehydration can impair short-term memory function and the recall of long-term memory.[i]

WATER is an Important Factor in Student Success  

Because the brain has no way to store water, it is important to continually drink water throughout the day. When the body loses more water than is being replaced, dehydration occurs and brain function can be affected.

But when the brain is operating with plenty of water, students are able to have greater clarity, creativity, focus and quicker thought processes (like recalling those times tables!)  You may consider investing in a durable reusable water bottle that is easy to refill and doesn’t tip easily. Refilling the desk water bottle each day will cut down on waste and save money.

And proper hydration is essential for student success at all ages. Another study found that college students who drank water during exams got better grades. Water not only helps improve brain function, but simply the act of drinking water may play a part in relieving anxiety during tests.[ii] 

After the School Bell Rings….

Even after school, when our kids are at dance lessons and soccer practice, drinking plenty of water should still be a top priority. Make water easily accessible for these outings by strapping a water bottle tote on their shoulder or tuck a water bottle into their gear bag.

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