Can I Buy Directly From WaterTech?

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In today’s world, most of us do our shopping with a few keystrokes and within 48 hours, the item arrives at our doorstep. It’s wonderful and magical–and often thrilling to have our needs and wants instantly met. And we feel great knowing that after a few minutes of online research, we can be sure we’ve gotten the absolute best price available. So why when it comes to purchasing a water softener or conditioner shouldn’t purchasing work the same way?

We’re sometimes asked, “Can I buy a system directly from WaterTech and install it myself?”

At WaterTech, we’re confident that our systems are the best in the water conditioning industry. Because our systems are built with integrity and with the highest-quality components, we only sell through a network of authorized dealerships that can make sure you have the absolute best possible experience.

Here’s why working with a local dealership is best for YOU the customer:

  1. Exactly What You Need:  WaterTech dealers know water! They can test your water to determine exactly what’s in your water and provide the solution so that your family can have outstanding water. They will also make sure that the unit is sized correctly for your household water usage.
  2. Installation: Having a great product is good, but unless it is installed and serviced correctly…it’s really not so great. For example, if you purchase a water softener at a “big box store” or buy factory-direct online from a softener manufacturer, you are responsible for installation. While it’s true that you can find someone to install the softener it may not be installed correctly or in compliance with the warranty. WaterTech’s authorized dealers will ensure that your system is not only installed correctly, but is then setup correctly after installation—and that can translate to lower expenses for you (salt, energy costs, etc).
  3. Support: If you have a problem or a question about your system, a local dealer is close by to service the unit and can quickly make sure you get the answers and solutions you seek.  
  4. Warranty: WaterTech offers a warranty unmatched in the industry. For over 25 years, we have sold our premium water conditioners through a network of dealers. This allows us to give you an unparalled warranty and peace of mind that your system is will be installed correctly, serviced appropriatly, and backed by a company that stands behind its product.

Why aren’t prices for WaterTech systems posted online?

WaterTech’s network of dealers are independent water dealers. We allow our dealers to dictate their own pricing. They do their best to meet the market demand and price according to what is reasonable in their market area. Hence, we do not post prices online, because we do not set prices for our dealerships. You may be interested to know that unlike some manufacturers in the water softening and conditioning industry, WaterTech does not charge its dealerships with franchise fees. This generally translates to cost savings for you the consumer—allowing you to get a top-of-the line, quality system that incorporates innovative and proprietary technology that goes way beyond water softening–at an affordable price.

Let us introduce you to the authorized WaterTech dealer in your area.

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