How Hard Is My Water?

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So how hard is the water in my home?

Did you know that hard water affects more than 85% of homes in the United States? Odds are your family’s home is affected by hard water. With the varying levels of hardness, how do you know if your part of the country or your state–all the way down to your local municipal water source is being affected?

Learn more about the causes of Hard Water in our Hard Water Guide

WaterTech's Hard Water Guide

We created our Hard Water Guide to educate consumers on the causes of hard water.

Here’s some of what you can expect to learn from the guide: 

Understanding Hard Water

As rainwater falls, it is naturally soft and mostly free of minerals. However, as water makes its way over weathering rocks, through the ground, and into our waterways, it picks up minerals that make the water “hard”. Water described as “hard” contains a high amount of dissolved minerals—generally calcium and magnesium.

How Hard Water Is Measured & How Softening Works

What is the difference between slightly hard all the up to severe hard water? 

The amount of water hardness is measured in milligrams per liter (mg/L) or in “grains” of hardness. Both are measures of weight and describe how much calcium or magnesium is in the water. Whether you know the exact hardness level of your water or not, chances are you’ve seen or experienced some of the symptoms of hard water. This guide has outlined a general guideline explaining how your home will be affected at varying 

water softening process - Hard water guide

degrees of hardness. 

Through a simple molecular exchange process, hard water minerals can be removed from water easily and efficiently with a water softener. This guide includes a full explanation of water softening, its benefits as well as visual outlines of the softening process.

The Financial Benefits of Soft Water

A study revealed that consumers can cut back on laundry detergents by 50 percent when using soft water, and that water temperatures can be reduced. In testing laundry stain removal, researchers found that the most important factor in removing stains was water softness.

If I think I may have hard water, what is the solution?

At WaterTech we have tracked the effects of moderate to severe hard water on appliances as well as the benefits of conditioned water for pets for over 27 years. To put it simply: we are the hard water and water softening experts. Our suite of water softeners, including our flagship Reionator soften water in all the best ways: 

  • Better tasting, odorless water
  • Softer skin and no ‘slippery’ feel in the shower or bath
  • Energy efficient water heaters through the prevention hard water scaling
  • Less soap needed for washing dishes and laundry

We have been providing luxuriant, top-quality water to homes across the country, every single day. If you think you you may have hard water, download WaterTech’s full Hard Water Guide or request a free water test from an authorized WaterTech dealer near you.