I’m Moving. Can I take my Water Conditioner with me?

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Yes. You absolutely can take your WaterTech Reionator or SoftMAX water conditioning system with you to your new house.

As the original purchaser, your warranty will still be in force as long as you follow the owner’s manual and warranty guidelines.  However, many Reionator owners elect to leave their water conditioner in the home as a selling point with buyers.

If you do decide to take your system, here are a few things to keep in mind in order to keep the warranty valid:

  1. Systems cannot be carried, transported or stored on their side:

Although the Reionator and SoftMAX are both quite heavy, the systems cannot be tipped over or laid on their side during moving or transporting, but must remain upright in order to maintain the integrity of the resins.  If you’re moving locally, it is preferred that your local authorized WaterTech dealer move the system.

  1. Correctly disconnect system:

Call your local authorized dealership for help in correctly disconnecting the system.  The system will be placed in bypass (which allows hard water to flow through the valve independent of the softener), then your system will be disconnected.

  1. Systems must be kept at the right temperature:

Please be aware that the warranty is void if the system is exposed to temperatures below 40 degrees or above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  This means that your unit cannot sit with other household items in a truck for a few days before getting unloaded as truck temperatures can get very hot—and cold.  Also, many storage units reach extreme temperatures, thus the unit should be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.

  1. Reinstall within 90 days:

When you reach your new home and are busy unpacking, keep in mind that your system needs to be reinstalled within 90 days.  This is because bacteria and other biologic contaminants can grow overtime if the water in the tank is stagnant for long periods. The warranty is void if the system is out of service for more than 90 days.  Be sure to follow instructions in the owner’s manual for setting the clock and starting up the system after reinstalling.

  1. Update your address with WaterTech

It is important that you contact WaterTech (email: customersupport@watertech.com or phone: 800-254-8412) and update the address on file for the warranty.

What if I decide to leave my Reionator for the new home owner? Is the warranty trtransferable

Like most things you purchase, WaterTech’s warranty is only valid to the original purchaser.  So if you decide to sell your system with the house, no water softener warranty applies to the new owner.

WaterTech’s Warranties are some of the BEST in the industry—by far!

WaterTech’s systems are built to last and are backed by an unparalleled warranty.  For example, the Reionator’s warranty is for life.

We’re so confident in our product’s performance that we even warranty our ion exchange resins – virtually unheard of in the industry.

Water Tech products have been sold worldwide for over 26 years and with literally hundreds of thousands of products in use, we know that our products will perform year after year. Our warranties are proof of this.

If you are looking for an authorized WaterTech dealer in your new area:

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