The Reionator’s Water Softener Warranty: How Does it Compare?

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So, you’ve figured out you have hard water (like 85 percent of homes in the US) and are researching water softeners. One of the first things you may want to consider, is the warranties offered by various manufacturers. You’ll notice there are a wide range of warranties in the water softening industry and these warranties certainly are NOT created equally. 

Generally, the standard water softener warranty is for a one-year limit on parts (labor not included) and a 10-year warranty on the fiberglass resin tank and plastic brine tank.

But because softener tanks are usually not the issue when it comes to water softener problems and repairs (rather the valve and electronics)– most warranties end up falling short when you need them most.


WaterTech confidently stands behind its water treatment products. The quality of your water is important to you, and confidence that you’ve made a good decision in water products is important to us. In fact, we’re so confident the Reionator water conditioner will perform for years to come that we offer one of the strongest warranties in the industry covering the valve, tanks, media and electronics.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

While most warranties have a ten-year limit on their duration, WaterTech’s Reionator warranty is for LIFE. We’re so confident in our product’s performance that we also warranty the Reionator’s ion exchange resins – virtually unheard of in the industry.  We are one of the only manufacturers in the industry that goes beyond the superlatives of our warranty and openly place our warranties on our website for you to make an informed decision with facts.


Water Softener warranty comparison chart vs. Reionator

Our warranties are valid if your WaterTech product is installed according to our recommendations and local codes. Your WaterTech Authorized Dealer will verify that the system is appropriate for your water conditions and will make sure your unit is installed properly for optimum performance. If you have any questions down the road, you can depend on your Water Tech dealer to be a trusted resource.

Thousands in Use

Our products have continuously improved over the years and our warranties have always exceeded industry standards. We commit to you in writing that our products will function for a lifetime. That’s our confidence and pride in our products speaking.

Water Tech products have been sold worldwide for over 25 years. With literally hundreds of thousands of products in use, we know that our products will perform year after year. Our warranties are proof of this. 

What about Warranties on Water-Using Appliances?

Finally, water softener aside, you may have wondered if hard water can impact the warranty on other appliances in your home.  Yes, indeed. For example, manufacturers of tankless water heaters recommend that their appliances use soft water. Thus, hard water left untreated (assuming evidence of hard water is found on the system) will void the product warranty.

You’ll also find that other water-using appliances such as laundry washing machines and kitchen dishwashers specifically note that damage and problems caused by water scale and hard water is NOT covered by the warranty.

To learn more about the Reionator and WaterTech’s entire line of water softening and conditioning equipment, let us introduce you to the authorized dealer in your area.

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