Three Ways Filtered Water Can Help Your Pets

dog drinking filtered water

At WaterTech, we love our pets just as much as our humans–and we are not alone. Pets are now part of the family in more than 82 million U.S. households according to the most recent APPA* National Pet Owners Survey. That’s right, roughly 68 percent of U.S. households are pet owners. It just so happens that about 70% of the WaterTech family are pet owners, so pet health is important to us.

Are you considering giving filtered water to your pets?

Just as filtered water can have a positive impact on the health of our family members, it is good for our furry and feathered “family members,” as well. With the right filtered water solutions, there are a number of different ways to achieve fresh-tasting, high-quality water right from the tap.

By taking steps to give pets clean, filtered water, we can…

1. Promote Better Hydration for Pets

Pets need proper hydration, too, and clean, filtered water encourages pets to drink more. Proper hydration can positively impact the health of an animal in many ways, including fewer urinary tract infections and quicker recovery for sick or injured pets.

filtered water for cats

2. Promote Overall Pet Health

Clean water can promote healthy kidney function, including the elimination of waste & toxins. Conditioned water may also protect small animals such as toy and miniature breeds that have a more delicate body function. The same is true of elderly pets that naturally have a decreased immune system and diminished bodily function. Water filtration acts as an insulating barrier between our pets and potential health risks—especially important as they age.
filtered water for dogs

3. Tear Staining

Have you ever noticed how certain dogs have dark tear stains under their eyes? Dog tear stains are a common problem, especially among certain breeds and dogs with white or very light colored fur. While this is generally attributed to diet, unfiltered water (like that placed in their drinking bowl from the tap) may contain a high level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that build within their system. The ill effects of high TDS is sometimes manifest with heavy tearing or staining.  Many pet owners that give their pets filtered water report a marked improvement of less tear staining.
Interested in finding out more about water conditioning and filtration? WaterTech’s RO PureMAX II is a point-of-use reverse osmosis system  that’s a great option for the kitchen sink.  It provides fresh, clean-tasting drinking water the entire family (including your pets) will love.
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