Water Bottle Totes to Help Kids Stay Hydrated this Summer

5 great water bottle totes for kids

With summer temperatures on the rise, keeping our families hydrated is a legitamate concern. Whether at an amusement park, a baseball game, or even the neighborhood pool, children and adults alike need to drink plenty of liquids in order to avoid heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses. 

Making Water Easily Accessible

The best way to ensure that plenty of liquids are consumed, is to make sure that water and other liquids are easily accessible. But if your kids are like mine, they complain about carrying a water bottle and often set it down the second we arrive at the park or other destination (never to be seen again).

Check out these fun crafts to do with the kids this summer: These crafts will not only put water literally right at their fingertips (and keep their water bottle from getting lost), but will also be something kids are proud to tote around town on their summer outings and adventures.

1523-1-2012-12-18361322 First of all, we loved this idea from TheYarnBox.com. This is a simple pattern for crocheting water bottle holders that will be great for any outdoor activity, and they look pretty darn stylish, too! Crocheting is tons of fun for kids–most boys even love it!  
super_strap_2 If you’re into keeping things simple, here is a great way to make a water bottle strap. This craft is super easy and no sewing is required. Best of all, it’s comfortable on the neck and sturdy enough for long hikes and outings. Thanks for sharing “Second Chances by Susan”.  
water-bottle-holder-7 The “Oh My! Creative” website had a great idea for a water bottle holder. This water bottle craft will take more help from mom as a sewing machine is required. Use a different color ribbon for each person in the family to avoid sharing water bottles and colds!  
F17K2NTHUO6MXF3.RECTANGLE1 For a water bottle holder that has a masculine flair, check out this paracord water bottle wrap. You’ll need almost 450 inches of paracord, but you’ll have one sturdy water bottle holder when you’re done.  
1475-WW-BottleSling-1 Finally, this water blottle shoulder sling is “easy-to-make”, but a home craft project that might be suited for older children or teens who can operate a sewing machine. The inside of the sling is even lined with fleece for a bit of hot/cold protection and to help absorb condensation. And the shoulder strap is quite long so you can wear it cross-body and keep it at hand when you need it or sweep it out of the way when you don’t.  

Before you leave on your summer outings, be sure to fill up your water bottles with filtereted water. You can give your family delicious, clean, filtered water for just pennies per gallon. Learn more about what’s in the water coming into your home (and how to improve it) when you download WaterTech’s Home Water Guide

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