Top Water Guns Summer 2014

Top water guns summer 2014

School is out (for most) and summer is here! Keeping the kids cool and entertained is paramount during summer, and water gun fights are always a big hit.

Since we love all things WATER at WaterTech, we decided to test some of the highly-touted top water guns in stores right now and give our review.

Serious SoakingBest water guns for summer

Remember when we were kids? Water guns were small and needed to be refilled after a few squirts.

Today, kids can have an arsenal of serious water guns that will drench anyone who comes within range. There are hand-pump action guns as well as powerful battery-operated units.  And their holding tanks are huge, not to mention they can shoot distances of up to 40 feet –so they can soak like a champ!

Tested by the Experts

So what are the best water guns this summer? Of course, our panel of judges were highly-trained experts (our kids and their friends). This team of prestigious adjudicators carefully tested the following aquatic firearms for ease of use, water pressure, and distance of shot.

Soak or be Soaked

We armed our judges with the following guns (all were in the $20 or less category) and here’s what they found:

Nerf Super Soaker Double-Barrel was the gun our experts clamored for.  The double barrel gave it the ability to unleash a lot of water on unsuspecting opponents.  At $14.99 (Target), this water gun shot over 30 feet, which is two feet more than the 28-foot distance it claimed on the packaging.

Tsunami Flood Force Our panel of judges grew tired of the serious pumping required to get a spray out of this gun.  At $9.99 (Target), the crew was disappointed when the gun only shot 23 feet and 8 inches even though it touted to be able to shoot distances up to 40 feet.

Summer-time Water Gun fun
Super Soaker Thunderstorm Water Blaster as the only battery-operated gun being tested, we thought the judges would love being free from the rigorous pumping required with the other guns. Unfortunately, the Thunderstorm’s water pressure was fairly low and the wimpy water stream didn’t have much soaking power.  Moderately priced at $14.98 (Wal-Mart), the Thunderstorm claims to shoot 25 feet, but shot only 22 feet and 9 inches. Still, our judges thought it was easy to use and fun to play with.
Surge Flood Force was probably the best deal for the money.  Priced at $12.99 (Target), we got two guns for the price and with some pumping action, produced a decent drench.  The gun shot just under the “up to 30 feet” it claimed on its’ packaging. And this gun was small enough for even the little ones to handle with ease.Best water guns for the summer

When Kids Get Crabby, Put Them In Water

However you decide to get your kids outside this summer and stay cool, we at WaterTech want to encourage you to offer them clear, refreshing water. You might even help them make a nifty water bottle tote to keep track that water bottle!

To learn more about how to provide your family with the ultimate in clean water, download our Home Water Guide.

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Photos Courtesy: Elise Stolle