What does a Water Quality Association Gold Seal Tell Me?


If you’ve done any research on water softeners, you’ve come to realize that there are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a water softener for your home. In making the purchase decision, you can be sure you’re getting a top-notch water conditioner that has gone through rigorous testing and meets industry standards when you see the “Gold Seal”.

What does a Water Quality Association (WQA) “Gold Seal” Mean?

The Water Quality Association’s (WQA) Gold Seal is the international “Mark of Product Quality” and has become one of the most recognized drinking water treatment certification programs in the world. Not all water treatment systems have the “Gold Seal”. This certification is awarded by the WQA to the most reliable and trusted producers of quality drinking water systems.

A Symbol of Product Quality for Decades

In 1959, the WQA was the first organization to develop testing standards and certification policies for products that treat drinking water. This program, the Gold Seal Certification Program, awarded its’ first Gold Seal award in 1960 and is now the oldest third-party testing and certification program in the water treatment industry.

Why Should You Care if a Product has a Gold Seal?

The WQA Gold Seal is a solid assurance of product quality, durability, and safety for you, the consumer. In short, systems that display the Gold Seal indicate to consumers that this water treatment system has been rigorously tested and met industry standards. 

WaterTech provides extraordinary water for the homeAccording to the Water Quality Association:

Products that go through the [Gold Seal] certification program must withstand rigorous testing to evaluate the performance and integrity of the product.

  • Materials Safety ensures that the materials used in the product will not contribute contaminants to the drinking water.
  • Chemical Performance measures contaminant reduction capabilities over the life and/or capacity of the unit.

  • Structural Integrity ensures that the product will withstand 10 years of normal household use.

  • Reviews are conducted to ensure that the product literature supplied to consumers meet WQA’s code of ethics, is congruent with the test results, and contains the required information outlined in the standard.

WaterTech Products Awarded the Gold Seal

WaterTech’s Reionator Classic & Reionator Platinum water conditioning systems have gone through the WQA evaluation and were are awarded the WQA Gold Seal.  This Gold Seal gives assurance that the entire, complete Reionator water conditioner product has undergone laborious testing and evaluation, as well as each of its parts. 

This is important as there are many manufacturers that talk about the Gold Seal certification, but in reality, there are individually-certified components on their systems that have the certification, but the system is not certified as a whole.

At WaterTech, we have been manufacturing the Reionator water conditioner for more than 25 years and have hundreds of thousands of happy customers.  In addition to eliminating hardness and iron, the Reionator also removes or reduces chlorine, lead, sulfates and nitrates—a claim few whole-house water conditioners can make. 

Best of all, the Reionator is warrantied for LIFE! Most warranties have one year limits on their duration and end up falling short when you need them most. We’re so confident in our product’s performance that we even warranty our ion exchange resins – virtually unheard of in the industry. Ask your local WaterTech dealer to tell you more about the Reionator whole-house water conditioning system.

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