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Do Salt-Free Water Softeners Really Work?

Do Salt-Free Water Softener Alternatives Really Work?

Do Salt Free Water Softeners Really Work?

If you’ve done any research, you realize there’s plenty of debate out there regarding salt-free water treatment. Many are skeptical as to whether salt-free alternatives really work.

This search for an alternative to conventional softeners has been spurred by the fact that dozens of counties in various states have now banned traditional ion exchange softeners. So is there a viable salt-free option in water conditioning?

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How to Make the Most of Your WaterTech System

How to Make the Most of Your WaterTech System

Becoming Familiar with Your New WaterTech System

Congratulations on choosing a WaterTech water conditioning system. The best way to make the most of your new water conditioner, is to understand how a water conditioner works. This video walks you through parts of your system such as:

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When Scary Isn’t Cool: Scare Tactics in the Water Treatment Industry

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When it comes to water, there is plenty of scary news about water-related issues. For example, in May 2014, 670,000 Oregonians were advised to boil their water after testing revealed the presence of E. coli. Then a few months later, more than 400,000 residents in Toledo, Ohio were told not to consume, cook with or even boil their water after a toxin called microcystin was found in the water supply.

Some in the water treatment industry pounce on these scenarios, using “scare tactics” to sell their systems. Here are four ways to avoid being pushed into a purchase when it comes to water treatment products.
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Reverse Osmosis Vs. Water Softening: Do I Need Both?

I have a water softener. Do I need RO?

If you have a water softener in your home, you may feel pretty good about your water. But in fact, even after being processed by a water softener, impurities may remain in the water you drink and with which you wash foods and cook. Reverse osmosis can remove those impurities from your already-softened drinking water –including 98 percent of all sodium left in the water from the softening process. 

And that’s not all, here are three reasons why reverse osmosis and a water softener make a great combination.
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