Do Salt-Free Water Softeners Really Work?

Do Salt-Free Water Softener Alternatives Really Work?

Do Salt Free Water Softeners Really Work?

If you’ve done any research, you realize there’s plenty of debate out there regarding salt-free water treatment. Many are skeptical as to whether salt-free alternatives really work.

This search for an alternative to conventional softeners has been spurred by the fact that dozens of counties in various states have now banned traditional ion exchange softeners. So is there a viable salt-free option in water conditioning?

The truth is, there really is no such thing as a salt-free water softener. In the traditional ion exchange water softening process, Calcium and Magnesium–the minerals that make water hard–are removed and a polymer resin bed exchanges sodium for the hardness minerals. Without salt, you don’t have a water softener… but a water conditioning “scale inhibitor”, which means that hardness is not removed, but changed so that it cannot adhere or create scale on surfaces. 

Are there viable salt-free solutions?

Yes, there are indeed viable solutions to the common softener. Although they are not “softeners” in the conventional sense, these salt-free systems do a great job at conditioning water.

With a salt-free conditioner, you will enjoy many of the same benefits you love in a water softener, such as:

  • Lengthened lifespan of water-using appliance due to prevention of corrosive scale buildup
  • Lower energy bills 
  • Softer, cleaner laundry
  • Less time spent cleaning water spots off of dishes, sinks & shower doors
  • Softer skin
  • Existing scale in pipes can be descaled, improving the water flow in your home

Most Effective Salt Free Water Conditioner

There are a variety of different salt-free water conditioners on the market. Testing has shown nucleation assisted crystallization (NAC) technology to be one of the most effective ways to prevent scale. This media is designed not to add or take anything from water — it simply changes the hardness-causing minerals so they cannot cause scaling problems. WaterTech’s SaltFreeMAX incorporates NAC technology and state-of-the-art FilterSorb SP3 media.

WaterTech’s SaltFreeMAX is easy to maintain and environmentally friendly

The SaltFreeMax has the ability to effectively reduce and prevent hard water scale from accumulating on water heaters, tubs, shower pipes, and sinks. In fact, it can reduce scale buildup by up to 95%, when compared to no treatment at all.  Additional benefits include no extra water usage with backwashing, no hauling heavy salt bags, requires no drain connection, is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free.  One side note: it will require that you replace the media bed about every five years.

With the environmentally-friendly SaltFreeMAX, you’ll also protect mother earth. The SaltfreeMAX uses no electricity, no chemical or salt additives and it wastes no water. It’s simple, straightforward and operates with the absolute minimal environmental footprint.

Lastly, WaterTech arguably offers some of the strongest warranties in the industry. Check out this video to learn more about the SaltFreeMAX or get a quote on a system from your local authorized WaterTech dealer.

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  1. The water that I have in my home is really hard, so I have to have a water softener. Otherwise I get bad stains and my clothes have a lot of static. I had no idea that there was such a thing as salt-free softeners, but that sounds like a really awesome option! I might look into this more, because then I don’t have to buy so much salt for my softener.