Softener Difference: WaterTech’s Reionator and Other Water Softeners

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What is the difference between the REIONATOR® and other water softeners?

Here at WaterTech, we’ve been manufacturing the “REIONATOR®” water conditioning system for more than 25 years.  During this time, The REIONATOR® has established a reputation for quality and is conditioning water in the homes of hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

So what makes the REIONATOR® different from other water softeners? 

Generic Water Softners 

In a generic water softener, water is softened through a simple molecular exchange process where hard water passes through a bed of softening material called resin.  As the hardness minerals in water come in contact with the resin, the resin is attracted to the hardness mineral and holds onto it.  With the hardness minerals trapped in the resin and removed from the water, the water, by definition is considered soft.  

The WaterTech REIONATOR® water conditioner also uses an ion exchange process, but incorporates a multi-resin design.  This proprietary and innovative multi-resin process allows the REIONATOR® to not only soften your water, but also:

  • Improve the taste and odor of water by reducing chlorine
  • Reduce iron, manganese, lead, sulfates and nitrates
  • Reduce that slippery feel often associated with softened water
  • Includes WQA Gold Seal certification to NSF standards 42 & 44 for chlorine reduction and softening capability
  • Features smart engineering to maximize water efficiency and save you money while protecting the environment
  • Is built to last. Control valve has fewer moving parts for lower maintenance.
  • Comes with an industry rarity – a limited lifetime warrantyREIONATOR Platinum

One of the most valuable advantages when choosing the REIONATOR® is the company and dealer network that stands behind it. Our dealers work tirelessly to deliver on our most important objective – your satisfaction. Once you purchase a water treatment system from WaterTech, you immediately notice the difference between buying through one of our dealers and buying an off-the-shelf product from a big-box retailer. We ensure that your system is installed according to your home’s specifications and that you understand how everything works, including knowing your system’s maintenance schedule and performance standards. 

Even after the installation is complete, our dealers are there for you with the in-person support you need.

If you are still looking for the right water solution for your home, check out our Hard Water page to learn just how hard it is to live with hard water or have one of our expert WaterTech Dealers show you the benefits of our products today!

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10 Responses

  1. does reionator use salt ? will it soften hardness 62 gpg with iron .15 manganese .4 tds3514 ?

    1. Hi Ronnie, Yes, the Reionator does use salt. With hardness levels that high, it really depends on how much water you are flowing. But a normal household water flow would probably exhaust the softening capacity of a single softener pretty quickly at those levels. I’d recommend that with the high hardness, iron and manganese levels you have, that you run two systems in parallel (a dual-tank softener). And with TDS that high, you will always have poor tasting water. The best solution is to use Reverse Osmosis. Whole house RO can be very expensive. Most home owners elect to have an under counter RO unit at the kitchen sink and drink from that faucet only.

  2. Where can I get resin to replace spent resin. what is teh cost of replacement resin?
    I am considering getting a used re-ionator from a bud in So Cal.

  3. We have a Reionator Classic filer and softener and about once a year we have a guy come out to service it and bring the potassium stuff for the softener part. but have not been able to reach him have called several times and left message nobody getting back to us. not sure what happen is there any other place around Boise, Idaho that does this any more. we need our system serviced

    1. Hello Allan: thanks for contacting WaterTech. We have your name/email address to Ashley Heating, Air and Water Systems there in Boise. They should be contacting you shortly (via email). Have a great day!

  4. Hello, What is the difference, other than exterior, between the Platinum and Classic?

    Also, If I have a water hardness of 18 and 2 adults living in the home, what size should I need? (Home is actually 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. I would want to size it for the maximum potential usage).

    1. Hi Jeff, can you please send your zip code and we’ll help you get in touch with the dealer in your area to let them make recommendations for the size of unit, Platinum vs. Classic, etc. Thanks for your interest in WaterTech products!

  5. Hi,

    Can I get a basic price range?

    Would it be more cost effective to buy the Reionator vs Softmax with Blue Max?

    We would possibly like to drink refrigerator water.

    Household: 2 adults, rural water

    1. Hi Donna: Because we don’t sell directly to customers, we encourage you to call the authorized WaterTech dealership in your area at watertech.com/find-a-dealer
      They can give you pricing specifics. Thanks for your interest in WaterTech products.