New Discoveries – The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

benefits of reverse osmosis

Today we celebebrate new discoveries. More than 500 years ago, Columbus sailed across great waters to discover the Americas. We raise our glass in toast of other great discoveries today, too –discoveries in drinking water! Specifically, the discovery of “Reverse Osmosis” (commonly known as RO) technology that now allows millions of  homes to have great-tasting DRINKING WATER right at their kitchen tap.

Why do Millions of U.S. Households Choose RO for Added Protection?

impurities found in U.S. tap water asbestos, bacteria, industrial waste, viruses

Isn’t the water coming out of the kitchen tap clean? 

Yes. Municipalities work hard to provide clean water for consumers that meets EPA guidelines. But the truth of the matter is that contaminants can infiltrate aquifers and springs and corroded pipes can introduce impurities into the water lines even after water has been treated at a water plant. Here are 17 impurities commonly found in our drinking water

Reverse osmosis systems produce clean-tasting drinking water by removing chlorine, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and various contaminants and impurities.

Is Reverse Osmosis Worth the Investment?


Besides the peace of mind that comes from knowing your household has great-quality drinking water, the investment in an RO system can save you money. Many consumers choose RO filtration as a way to cut down on their bottled water usage. Instead of investing hundreds of dollars each year on bottled water, they purchase an RO water purifier such as WaterTech’s  RO PureMAX II

For about 25 cents per day, a typical family of four can have bottle-quality water. Beverages and ice consistently taste better with delicious, clean water right from your kitchen sink or refridgerator ice and water dispenser.  There’s a reason why RO has become so popular. From improving taste to low production costs, here are five advantages of reverse osmosis:

advantages of reverse osmosis

Let us help you install your family’s under-the-sink reverse osmosis system. Find a WaterTech Dealer today!

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