How to Clean Hard Water Spots

Tips for Cleaning Hard Water Spots

Do you have extra privacy when showering thanks to beads of hard water that have dried and left your glass shower door clouded? If so, you’ve probably got HARD WATER. You’re not alone—more than 85 percent of US households have hard water.

The scale or mineral deposits from hard water and soap scum often leave annoying spots on shower doors, dishes, and fixtures that are cumbersome and tough to remove. Here are a few tips that might make the laborious task of removing hard water spots a little easier.

Two Great Ways to Rid Yourself of Tough Hard Water Spots (or years of scale buildup)

  1. Oxalic acid products (such as Bar Keeper’s Friend) – If you have very hard water or a lot of water spots you’re looking to remove, this is a very inexpensive yet effective way to tackle scale buildup. Make a paste of the powder mixed with water and wipe it onto the surface you’re trying to clean. Allow the paste to sit for a few minutes, and then rinse off with water.
  2. White erasers – Erasers such as Outdoor Pro Magic Erasers do a pretty good job of taking care of hard water spots, too. The “pro” versions are a little sturdier and seem to hold up better than the smaller household erasers.

Daily Upkeep for Removing Water Spots

If you live in an area with soft to slightly hard water, you may simply need to do some day-to-day upkeep to keep hard water scale from building up.
  1. Daily Vinegar Spray:  After showering each day, try spraying a three-part water and one-part white vinegar solution on shower doors and walls. The solution will sit and work to break down the effects of hard water.
  2. Lemon Juice & Vinegar 50/50 mixture– Create a mixture of half lemon juice and half vinegar in a spray bottle. This natural method works well for cleaning fixtures and shower walls if your water isn’t very hard, but you simply want to keep spots at bay.
  3. Water & Spot-free Dish Agent – Create a solution of water spiked with a small dose of spot-free dish agent in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on shower walls and then squeegee after each shower.
  4. Wet Dryer Sheets –The abrasive fibers in dryer sheets creates a cleaning surface that will remove hard water spots but won’t scratch sinks, fixtures and tubs. Save your old dryer sheets after each dryer batch because used dryer sheets work best. 

The Long-Term Solution to Overcome Hard Water Issues

While all of these tips work well, hard water spots will continually return and require time and labor to eliminate. The only guaranteed way to eliminate scale buildup is to condition or soften the water coming into your home with a system such as the Reionator water conditioning system. The innovative and proprietary technology of WaterTech’s Reionator water conditioner goes way beyond softening water. Its proven multi-resin process also removes chlorine taste and odor while reducing that slippery feel often associated with softened water. It does all this without the need for costly filter changes, creating the ultimate quality water.

Want to learn more about the impact of hard water on your home? We invite you to download our Hard Water Guide:

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  1. I have been looking for some good tips that can help me get water spots out of a glass door! I just ordered a custom shower door, and I want to make sure that it looks pristine even long after I buy it. In fact, I am going to bookmark this page in case it gets too dirty.

  2. Fantastic tips. My husband hates when there are water stains everywhere in the bathroom. I am going to try this Daily Vinegar Spray. It sounds easy and effective. We should spray everyday but I don`t think it is a hard task. Thank you for sharing this article.

  3. Very helpful post! I am always trying to get rid of those hard water spots. I never could manage to clean them perfectly. Thanks for the tips, I am gonna try them for sure!!

  4. could you tell me if the water tastes salty and hard to get rid of soup on you hands/skin, the water softener is working or not? Thanks

    1. Hi Shirley: Softened water shouldn’t taste salty. And while most water softeners do make your hands and skin feel more slippery, soap shouldn’t be hard to wash off. This post may give you some indicators as to whether your softener is working properly or not: http://blog.watertech.com/how-do-i-know-if-my-water-softener-is-working-properly/ And you might also want to read this post about drinking softened water: http://blog.watertech.com/is-soft-water-safe-to-drink/

  5. Thanks for the great tips! Are there any warnings you are aware of using Oxalic acid as regards damaging any surfaces?

    1. Depending on which Oxalic acid you’re using, I’d recommend going to their website for instructions. Here’s the link for Barkeeper’s Friend that we mention in our post: https://www.barkeepersfriend.com/ or phone them 1(800)-433-5818.