Why Not Buy a Water Softener from a Big Box Home Improvement Store?

Why buy a softener from an authorized dealer instead of a Big Box store

It’s true. The Big Box home improvement stores sell water softeners for a fantastic price. We get it.

So why would anyone choose to purchase a water softener from a local independent water treatment professional and pay more money?

Let us give you FIVE reasons why you’ll come out ahead when you choose to call a professional:

  1. Quality:  How do big box stores get the price so low? By using lower-quality components and parts, they can get the price of the softening equipment down quite low.  At WaterTech, we use only high-quality components, state-of-the art valve, and premium water softening resins.  We’ve seen a lot of companies in the water business come and go over the years. But our dedication to only produce top-quality equipment has kept us in business. Thousands of happy customers have partnered with us to buy a water softener.  WaterTech products also carry the Water Quality Association Gold Seal to show our components and/or systems have been Third-Party Tested for quality and performance.

  1. Warranty: Most big box store warranties have one-year limits on their duration and end up falling short when you need them most. Our Reionator water conditioner’s warranty is for life. We’re so confident in our product’s performance that we even warranty our ion exchange resins – virtually unheard of in the industry.  Water Tech products have been sold worldwide for over 26 years. With literally hundreds of thousands of products in use, we know that our products will perform year after year. Our warranties are proof of this.WaterTech Reionator water conditioner gives great water to the entire family
  1. Installation & Service: Big Box stores generally outsource installation and maintenance. And because quality is often compromised, big box store equipment generally requires more maintenance. When an authorized WaterTech dealer installs your Reionator water conditioner or other water treatment system, you can have peace of mind that the professional technician understands the equipment well, has the parts you need, and can provide the service you expect.
  1. Sizing:  A reputable water treatment specialist can best determine what size unit is needed for your home or business. You can avoid a lot of wasted water if your unit is sized correctly to your household consumption and is correctly set to regenerate once a week.  The specialist can also conduct a water test of your water to determine if any pre-filtration is needed to ensure you’re addressing all your water concerns and making your system work most efficiently.
  1. Pricing: While price at the big box store may seem attractive, lower price often means lower quality, shortened lifespan of unit and higher maintenance expenses.  Not to mention, higher water bills if the system is not sized correctly. In the long run, many find they spend more by trying to “save” money on the purchase price of the water softener but end up with higher maintenance and up keep costs in the long run.

WaterTech’s water softeners are built to give you an extraordinary water experience every day, and for years to come. We stand by our quality products.  Whether you’re looking for the ultimate in water conditioning, with the Reionator or a sodium-free system with the SaltFreeMAX, WaterTech’s systems are built to last and are backed by an unparalleled warranty.